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Full day childcare options!

New Beginnings Learning Center offers childcare options to extend your child's preschool schedule and fit your busy schedule!  After registering your child for your choice preschool days, you can add the segments of care you need.    




Our Breakfast Buddies will arrive between  7 & 9:00am.   

Your child may bring a (peanut free) breakfast from home to eat with his/her friends followed by free play until preschool begins at 9am.


Preschool Classes


  Children will be grouped by age for preschool classes from 9am to noon.

 This is the main event in your child's day.

We believe children learn best through play.  Developmentally appropriate lessons and activities presented in a fun and playful manner will help your child learn and grow.

A snack will be provided and children will play outside, weather permitting. 




Our LunchBunch will bring their (peanut free) lunch from home to eat after their Preschool Class ends at noon. 

They will then have time for playing with friends from their class and other classes until 1:00pm.  





AfterCare provides care for children until 3:00pm. 

There is a required (by the state of NJ) rest period for every child who spends the afternoon with us.  Children will bring a sleeping mat and comfort items from home to help them relax and get cozy for a nap or rest.  Not all children will sleep.  Those who don't sleep will be provided with a quiet activity to do while on their mat.  After rest time is over, the children will play, do a craft, visit centers, etc. 





ExtendedCare provides care 

for children until 5:30pm.  

Children will finish their day with additional outdoor play (weather permitting), a snack and activities to compliment their preschool class lessons.  


Camp Options

 Summer Break

Mon.-Fri.  7:30am-1:00pm

New Beginnings Learning Center's school year runs from September until mid June.  The school takes Summer Vacation, but that doesn't mean we will be closed.

To ensure continued care for children who need it, we offer optional summer camp weeks .  Register for the weeks you need and your child will spend those weeks with specially themed 

activities and fun!

Registration for summer camp weeks is 

separate from and in addition to 

the  regular school year.  

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